Speed-read your way through large data

Speed-reading applications are to books what Chartyn is to data.
Our algorithms are trained to sift through piles of datasets, and pick up on significant trends, hidden patterns and important insights.

With the amount of data that is generated each day, it is not always possible (nor efficient) to manually open up and make sense of each dataset we own. That is where we come in.

Chartyn is driven by data mining and machine learning algorithms that have learned how to match the best charts to your data, delivering insightful and visually pleasing dashboards. With Chartyn, you'll unravel hidden patterns and deliver stories from data as fast as [computationally] possible.

Share your insights with others

Data visualisation and data analysis are often times a team effort. Our platform allows you to share your dashboards, data, or both in one of two ways. By sharing a link, you can give friends and colleagues view-only access to your dashboards and datasets.

Other projects are team-based. For these, your account settings will allow you to form a team whose members can access one another's projects, data and dashboards.

Success stories

Story 1: Early-Bird Promotions
When a coffee shop owner realizes that more customers come in later in the day, she offers "early-bird" promotions on coffee and pastries to drive morning sales.
* Charts based on a mixture of real, anonymised and simulated datasets

Created by data scientists,designed for everyone

We're obsessed with data... but you don't have to be.
Our mission is to democratise data analytics. You don't need to learn the latest programming language or dabble with any charting software to generate beautiful and insightful charts. That's our job. Your only task is to upload your data and digest the results.

And if you want more analytics, let us diagnose your data and create tailored solutions.

Dataset diagnostics

Make the most out of your data
The way we gather and structure datasets can enable (or prevent) us from unveiling hidden patterns. If you aren't getting the results you're after, simply get in touch with us. We'll edit your dataset for you! Our service will range from simple cleaning and making structural changes, to expanding your data either organically or externally.