Leap from data to insight
with AI-driven analytics

Get quick answers to your
most pressing business questions


... plus more soon

Simply plug-and-play

Choose your data source.

Select questions that
are important to you.

Browse through charts that
narrate insightful stories.

Who is Chartyn for?

Every business, no matter how
small, has big data-driven stories.
Let Chartyn unravel them.

If your business uses an appointment scheduling system, then we've got insight designed for you. Our dashboards will help you understand:

Your business and
how to make it grow.

Your employees and
what makes them happy.

Your clients and
what they like.

Why Chartyn is the BI tool of choice

It's Quick

Connect your data in moments: whether it all sits in the same location or in many.

It's Personalized

Explore topics and questions that cater to your business needs.

It's Genius

We've coupled AI-driven analytics and BI-based dashboards to deliver quick, simple and bespoke intel that you can tap into from anywhere, at any time.

Created by data scientists,
designed for everyone.

Our mission is to democratise data analytics. You don't need to dabble with any charting software to generate beautiful and insightful charts. That's our job. Your only task is to upload your data and digest the results.